Tip 1: Teaching your kids to think like scientists with leaves

Do you struggle with constant why questions? Help your child develop science thinking skills and give yourself time to take a deep breath.

Tip 2: How to keep your kid safe, and not squelch their sense of adventure

Do you get nervous when your child takes risks? Are you scared they might get bit by a snake or spider? Of COURSE!

So how do you encourage the natural instinct of adventure, while keeping your kids safe?

Practice with Tip #2.

Tip 3: Forgive yourself

Trying something new naturally comes with mistakes. You are going to mess up. When you do, first, forgive yourself, and second, use that as a thinking exercise for your child.

Tip 4: You get the star role!

Life is a game and you are the star of your story -NOW you get to practice those acting skills. Tip 4 ;encourages you to put your acting pants on, and if they are in the wash, no fear, reach out to me and book a workshop! I can support your connection with nature, or give you the gift of time while I support your child. 

Tip 5: Bring nature inside

There are some days when you'd rather be inside. Tip #5 inspires you to continue your nature connection with activities that support discovery. From reading a book, watching a nature show, to creating art, you can continue to connect.

Backyard Science

This video was created to support a 6th grade, public school science class. When kids can walk outside and explore the world, science becomes relevant. 

Planning your garden

Keep toxic pesticides out of your garden by planting companion plants. This is a great way to add colorful flowers, and keep the aphids away from your vegetables.