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Meet the Farm Family


Farmer Lisa dreamed of this life and at 48 took the leap.


This human, Ryder, is the reason I bought a farm!


Fresa was found on the streets of the Dominican Republic in February 2013. I brought her back with me to Denver after teaching there. She is a good listener and has very stinky breath.


Chase was adopted in November 2014. He is a terrible listener and has hunting instincts that have to be watched at the farm.

Galileo was adopted from a Colorado farm in October 2019. He came to Whiteville with Fresa, Chase, and his sister Tesla (she died in 2020). In January 2021, Galileo broke his hip and is recovering from his surgery.


Peppercorn is one of the bantam chicks that live at the farm. She and her flock came to the farm in June 2020 and was our farm mascot. She may be small in size, but she has a BIG personality. 


The Isa Reds came to the farm in July 2020. They have a great personality and will follow you around like a dog! I love their giant brown eggs.


The Americanas came to the farm in July 2020. They are fluffy and lay beautiful light blue and green eggs. They are the most difficult to get to go to bed at. night!


Tyson showed up as a teeny tiny kitten during Hurricane Isaias in July 2020. After hanging out in the barn and then in the garage, he made it into the house and has been the boss ever since. 

Tyson went missing from the farm the same day as Peppercorn. The reality of farm life is tough. 


Mae started showing up in the barn in January 2021. Hungry and scared she quickly befriended Tyson, but stayed at a distance from the pups and me. In April, she showed up with a giant belly and is now in my bathroom with her 5 adorable kittens. I'm keeping them ALL!


The Golden Comets came in March 2021 and spent their baby chick days in my bathroom! They are happily pecking around the coop and adjusting to the flock.


The Rhode Island Reds came to the farm in March 2021. They are growing quickly and fitting into the flock. 


The goats are here! Welcome the Nigerian Dwarfs, Yemma (the brown one), and Remus and Romulus. Little Yemma was born while I was visiting his mom, so she got my name (which has been updated to Romeo). The moment I saw the twin white babies, my brain thought of Remus and Romulus. 


DUCKS!!! We had a duck debacle and after a negative shipping experience we ended up with a menagerie of ducks. There is one male - a big white one, Tim. Three big white females - Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather. A female Indian Runner, Lucky. One female roan, Beezus, and a female mallard, Ramona.


Won't having pigs be fun? Look at these cute faces. On Dec 11, 2021, I drove up to a farm in Kenly and decided on these two pot belly/kune kune mixes. Fibonacci (on the left) and Faraday, are both males and have become the food bosses. Pigs aren't as fun as I thought they would be...


More ducks! After the duck debacle, I found a local farm that raises Indian Runner ducks - my favorite. These 6 ducklings hatched in April and are slowly being introduced to the flock.


Mocha, one of the indian runner females, started laying on a nest of eggs outside the coop. The next thing you know, one hatched, and the next day, another one! Now the two babies, Java and Bean are part of the family. 


Meet Cassiopeia - on Jan 13, 2022, my friend, Bess, called from the County Shelter. She was painting a mural there and when she met Cassie, she called me and said I had to come meet her. I left, and knew I had to go back and get her. She has learned to stop eating chickens and stop chasing cats and is a joyful addition to the family.

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