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About Us

Yemma Farm is a native plant nursery that focuses on pollinator plants and heirloom vegetables and herbs.


Our focus is education and we offer workshops to support people in reconnecting with nature, using nature as therapy, and getting kids excited about the outdoors.


My Vision

Humans are a part of our Earth's Biosphere. By adding native plants to your home habitat, you can enjoy the connection between the all species that call your habitat home.

You cannot protect what you don't understand, you cannot love what you don't know. Through education and mentoring, we can change the world.

My vision is to educate and support people in their reconnection with nature.

My Mission

My mission is to use regenerative practices to bring health back into the ecosystems that I manage on the farm. I commit to using practices that are free of pesticides and herbicides, and instead focus on biodiversity and native plants. 

My mission is to use my land, time, and passion to sell plants in our local community. In addition, I am offering on site workshops and classes for people of ages. My goal is to become a well used education site in our community. 

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